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Safety First

What do we do to ensure your safety?


1.  We delivery and set-up every inflatable we supply to ensure it's erected correctly.

2.  All our electrical equipment (including cables) is inspected and tested regularly several times a year.

3.  All our inflation fans meet the required regulations and are IP44/55 water resistant.

4.  All our electrical cables are fitted with IP44 water resistant connectors and are safe in the rain.

5.  We visually inspect our equipment every time it's inflated.

6.  Most importantly all our inflatables are inspected annually by PIPA registered inspectors.


Other precautions we take for your safety

1.  We carry wind measurement equipment to accurately gauge the wind speed where we are concerned

     wind may affect the safety of the inflatable.

2.  We hold £5m Public Liability insurance in the unlikely event there was ever a problem

What is PIPA


The PIPA Inspection Scheme was first introduced in 2004 to provide a standard to which all manufactures and hirer/operators of inflatable play equipment should abide by. PIPA is now the recognised standard for all those involved in the industry, and is supported by all the industry associations, most local authorities and by the Health and Safety Executive.




Why is PIPA Important?


PIPA is important to ensure the safety of all those that use inflatable play equipment because their standards have been written and fine tuned over the last 10years, by both manufactures and operators of inflatable equipment, to ensure all inflatables available for public use are as safe as practicably possible.




PIPA Tags - What are they?


Every item of equipment that is registered with PIPA has a visible identification tag fitted to it with a unique reference number. This number can be cross-checked on the PIPA website by anyone to check it is genuine and that it's inspections are up to date.

Every item of equipment that holds a tag must be inspected annually by an RPII registered inspector, and just like a car's MOT, they check that the equipment is safe to use. Among other tests they are looking to see that the structure is stable, the stitching hasnot come loose and that the inflatable is holding the required pressure.




How can you check we are PIPA Compliant?


We are listed as registered operators of PIPA compliant equipment on their website.

Are any of our competitors? Please feel free to answer that by looking at PIPA's website here.


All our equipment that hold PIPA tags can be checked on the PIPA website. For our own safety we have not listed the PIPA tag numbers for our equipment on the website, as other operators have been know to steal this information to falsely say their equipment if tagged. but we are more than happy to give you the tag numbers for any of our equipment if you get in touch with us through the contact form on this website. The tags can then be seen on the equipment when you hire it.




Do all your inflatables have PIPA Tags?




But that's not bacause there is something wrong. Not all inflatables are able to be covered by the PIPA Scheme. For example our Gladiator joust is an inflatable game and these do not currently get governed by the standards within PIPA. But as with all inflateble equipment it must still be tested annually for safety, and we have this done at the same time, by the same RPII inspectors as our PIPA registered equipment.

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